Paul Thomas


Paul writes a weekly column on current affairs for the New Zealand Herald and is the New Zealand Listener’s sports columnist.
The articles below are presented with permission from (and thanks to) those organisations.

Royal Tour

I think we can all agree the royal tour went rather well. A Herald editorialist had to de-mothball the words “glorious” and “triumph” to do it justice, and went on to suggest that it surpassed all previous House of Windsor forays to this distant corner of its domain.

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Santorum: A Word for all Sorts of Nastiness

You’d think that if you googled “santorum”, you’d be inundated with stuff about Rick Santorum, the US religious right’s flavour of the month now being touted as a serious contender to be the Republican Party’s candidate in this year’s presidential election. Well, yes and no.

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Mid Life Crisis in Land of the Free

Observing American politics these days is a bit like watching an old family friend go through a mid-life identity crisis: he’s dumped his wife for a pole-dancer, become a Buddhist, and got himself a tattoo and a ponytail.

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My Favourite Sports Books

Back in the days before all sporting events of any significance and some of no significance at all were accorded live television coverage (or, in my case, before television itself), the young sports fan had to make do with books.

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