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Paul Thomas - New Zealand Writer, Author and Columnist

Paul Thomas is a New Zealand writer: creator of the Tito Ihaka crime fiction series, author of nine books on sport, and regular columnist for the New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Listener.

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2017 Sports Quiz

There’s more to sport than high shots, low blows and fine lines. Test your familiarity with sport’s rich tapestry by tackling this quick quiz of the 2017 sporting year!

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Canon Media Awards 2016 Tiny LogoPaul won the
Canon Media Awards 2016
Sports Opinion Writer award.

These are his winning columns:

It’s Our Game

And with a single result we were free. The All Blacks’ Rugby World Cup triumph is laden with significance but perhaps its single greatest merit from the New Zealand rugby public ‘s perspective is that it delivers peace of mind…

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Featured Essays

My Favourite Sports Books

Back in the days before all sporting events of any significance and some of no significance at all were accorded live television coverage (or, in my case, before television itself), the young sports fan had to make do with books.

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Short Stories and Book Excerpts

Death on Demand

Excerpt from Paul’s 2012 book Death on Demand.
Females had always found him hard to resist. When he was small, his aunts and cousins cooed and fussed over him, telling him how gorgeous he was.

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The Empty Bed

Excerpt from Paul’s 2002 book The Empty Bed.
I’m not sure of anything any more. Except this: ignorance is bliss. What we don’t know can’t hurt us. And what we find out can erase our certainties, like words wiped off a blackboard.

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